ThinkLight prepares lighting solutions for commercial, public projects as well as for private clients. The solutions are very much different, but our long-term experience reveals the most important factors for big investors, and concerns of the residents of private houses.

A special attention at our lighting projects we devote to quality which is described by visual and economic aspects. We base all our solutions on continuously improved knowledge and practical experience. High quality specialized equipment from the producers of Western Europe enables us to reach the best results.

One more important aspect in our solutions – control of the lighting that plays a significant role for the quality of light and its efficiency, it also gives a wider scope of opportunities and, at the same, enables to control/minimize the costs.

Stages of implementation of lighting solutions:

> Creation of the lighting concept

at this stage we, together with the client, architect and/or designer we discuss the concepts of lighting, expectations and needs. Preliminary decisions are taken about the equipment to be used, its costs, and its control needs.

> Project technical solution

at this stage we prepare the project of the lighting, provide detailed budget estimations, and prepare the technical task for lighting control. The prepared lighting project is not a “set of chandeliers” – it is a complex solution made on the basis of mathematical calculations, laws of physics, practical experience, aesthetic aspects, and knowledge of the control features.

> Installation

seeking to ensure that the implemented project meets the concept, our staff participates at the installation process, advises the people doing the electric installations when lighting control is installed; our staff also performs programming and testing works of the system.